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PLEASE stop by my eBay store and check out what I’m offering! I’ll be listing more items tomorrow (both vintage and contemporary) but I have more than a handful up already. I’m selling some of my vintage collection as well as other items (vintage and not) that I’ve found while thrifting. I’ll be using the money for gas to and from my internship and for fabric to make more costumes, so anything you buy is much appreciated!

My sentiments remain the same as the above stated - thank you for looking, and thank you even more if you decide to buy!

Hello all! 

Finals are nearly over (after Thursday) so I’ll finally be able to post more on this blog! I know I’ve been neglecting it. In the meantime, though, I’ll invite you all to take a look at my pinterest which has a great amount of historical clothing pins organized in era, style, or decade boards. I hope you all can get your historical fashion fix until I’m posting again on tumblr!

Best to all (and good luck on finals!),


Prepare for loads of examples of headdresses, diadems, and tiaras from the mid-nineteenth century tomorrow.

I’ve collected dozens for my research - I hit the jackpot with the MFA Boston! To be posted when I wake :D

I’ve just queued my last wedding gown - feel free to request other genres or articles of costume!
I’m extremely sorry that the queue failed to post over the night!

It seems tumblr is having some difficulty - it won’t even let me manually publish items from my queue. I apologize, thanks for your patience!

Because of that, I’ll be reblogging (because unfortunately, I can’t upload more today) some costumes!

Time for more wedding clothes, starting up where I left off at the 1880s!
one of my followers is getting married..?!


26 items queued, and I just finished getting through the 1870s!

My photo upload limit is done but I’ll continue tomorrow! Enjoy until then :)